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AI Companion

Your 24/7 AI Companion

Gain New Perspectives and Personalized Insights

Uncover Patterns

Uncover Patterns:

The AI analyzes your entries to identify underlying patterns and sentiments, providing you with new perspectives on your behavior and thoughts.

Tailored Advice

Tailored Advice:

Receive specific guidance for navigating personal, career, and life challenges based on your individual entries and goals.

Motivation and Support

Motivation and Support:

Engage with an AI that motivates you to pursue your goals with tailored encouragement and actionable advice.

How it Works

Get Started Quickly:

Visit the 'Journal' page and click the microphone icon to use our speech-to-text feature. Alternatively type in the Notion-style editor to write down your thoughts easily.

Explore One-Click Wisdom:

Use our preset buttons for quick summaries, tailored advice, or deeper insights into your journal entries. Discover new perspectives effortlessly with every click.

Instant AI Conversations:

Speak your question and get a quick response from our AI Chat. Enjoy real-time conversations that bring your thoughts to life.

A quick introduction of how to use AI Journaling

Accelerate your Self-Improvement Journey

A daily AI journaling practice will augment your thinking with an AI that is like a personal companion ready to assist 24/7

Saved Entries

All your journal entries are auto saved and easily retrieved

30 Day Challenge

Write a journal daily for 30 days to be rewarded with a badge!

Fully Featured Text Editor

Notion style editor with formatting for headings, bullet points, code and more

Chat History

Save important chats to revisit and resume later

Writing Templates

Goal setting and weekly review templates for productivity

Define Your Values

Saved in the Dashboard, AI will know your values and remind you to stay on track

Long Term Memory

The AI remembers past journals to make connections and discover insights

AI Generated Questions

AI instantly generates thought-provoking questions on your behalf for itself with a click of a button

Telegram Chatbot

Continue chatting with your AI Journal Companion via the Telegram App

Yes, It Really Does Work

Daily journaling with an AI companion is a game changer for personal growth, see what the early adopters have to say:


"Been using the @luminalog AI journaling platform for a few weeks now, and it's fantastic! Best part is it supports voice input and is multilingual. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their journaling experience."



"did the demo, blew my mind"


Jennifer | newsletter + creator monetization

"lots of AI tools disappoint me but this one is a game changer. brb copy pasting all my journals in here"

Jennifer | newsletter + creator monetization


"Luminalog is a great tool for keeping thoughts in one place and at the same time getting an alternative perspective. I love that it's all in one place and I can run my entries though AI to get any critique, feedback or questions that might be helpful. Konrad, the founder, is passionate about deep introspection and self-discovery and I think this tool is going to be essential for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves."


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Your Privacy, Our Priority

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your journal entries, employing state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data continuously. Rest assured, your journals and messages are encrypted and securely stored, accessible only to you.


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30 Day challenge

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